Video Production

Give your audience a compelling video of your business.

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Digital Marketing

Embrace the great ways of Digital Marketing that benefits your business growth and create lifelong clientele.

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Web Design

Your business deserves the best and an online presence is what it needs, connect now through a professional website

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Welcome to Global Business Source

Looking for a reliable business partner? You have found one!

Allow yourself to explore every field of digital marketing, without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Global Business Source is passionate about developing our partner's brands to its full potential by using strategies such as; YouTube video production; advertising design and website building.

Engaging experiences to help your businesses grow.

What We Offer

YouTube Video

Currently, YouTube has more than 30 million daily visitors. Nearly 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute, with more than 2,400 channels that reach more than 1 million subscribers. Why stick to the traditional way of advertising when you can use this strategic platform to promote your business. Let us create an amazing Youtube video that is not only informative and artistic but one that influences the need act.


Digital Marketing Video

Let us tell the story of your brand. Storytelling has been and will always be the root of human interaction. A good story makes people feel connected, which is the ultimate persuasion factor. Remember: the rules applied for video marketing – focus on the reason you’re providing the product, not the sale.


Promotional Video

On majority of the social media platforms, the greatest creative, humorous, emotional, artistic pieces of visual storytelling stand out there today. A video that goes viral can grant comprehensive exposure for a cause, brand, or product. Global Business Source creates videos that bring in a vast amount of clientele, pulling them to purchasing products or services while allowing you to build a relationship with your customers.


Tutorial Videos

Just because you explain something to someone doesn’t automatically make it a solid tutorial. We at Global Business Source know a thing or two about making a well thought out video tutorial — including the essential elements that help make any tutorial video, training video, or software demo a great one.


Corporate Video

Global Business Source helps you create an effective and relevant corporate video in accordance to your satisfaction.
GBS understands the importance of your video results and ratings.
We would like to join with you to create a widely diverse corporate video that suits your plans, vision, or desire for growth.


Infographic Video

Everyone loves a good infographic. This is one of the reasons to use video infographics as part of your digital marketing strategy. They’re engaging, entertaining, and informative. We live in a complex world, with complex ideas, concepts, and issues. As such, sometimes a complex problem can be better understood with the use of creatively designed infographics rather than using the written word or spoken language.


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